rick braun

Rick Braun

Before embarking on a solo career, Braun got his start by playing in several bands, working as a session musician, touring and recording with War, Sade, Glenn Frey, Tina Turner, Natalie Cole, Tom Petty, Crowded House and Rod Stewart. Braun also turned to songwriting, scoring a hit with REO Speedwagon‘s “Here with Me”; in time he directed his focus to contemporary jazz, issuing his solo debut, Intimate Secrets, in 1993.  A two-time winner of the Gavin Report’s Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year award, he returned in 1998 with Full Stride. He also collaborated with jazz saxophonist Boney James on the 2000 release Shake It UpKisses in the Rain followed a year later, and Braun continued issuing albums throughout the decade of the 2000s, including Esperanto in 2003, Sessions, Vol. 1 in 2004, Yours Truly in 2005, RnR (a duo set co-led by saxophonist Richard Elliot) in 2007, and All It Takes in 2009. With his latest Album Can You feel it? released in 2014, Braun returned to the groove-oriented instrumental smooth jazz of his early work. There is a crisp freshness and vibrancy evident in the new material mirroring the great pleasure he derives from creating it. Breaking News!! Rick Braun named Billboard’s #1 Smooth Jazz Songs Artist of 2015!

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