Carlo Rossi & The-OJ


Carlo Rossi And The Organic Jam only perform live, they never rehearse, they don’t have a set-list and they couldn’t ever do the same performance twice. It’s all about the moment – an experience or an event that exists between the band and the audience for one time only. The Organic Jam have no intention of releasing any material in the immediate future, even if you could capture the performance in digital format, it would only represent a fraction of the total Organic Jam experience because what they do is so unique to every performance, as they enter into a creative partnership with the crowd, receiving feedback from the dance floor and reinterpreting that response, rewiring the vibe and taking it to a new level. Each of The Organic Jam members feel the progression in the music and anticipate where the performance is going to next. It could change at any moment and pursue a new direction in a second. Taking the concept of the DJ – presiding over a seamless continuum of music – The Organic Jam drop sets like a live band creating a 90-minute DJ-mix, reinventing the concept of studio remixing, they create new tracks on stage and remix these ideas live without any planning.

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